Sunday 30 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 30

                                          Craft blog every day June

Today is a special day - it is the last day of the "Blogging every day in June" challenge. Now I am very proud to have managed to stick at it every day, but it has been a lot of fun, and having a challenge every day has certainly helped to keep the blog flowing. So it is with mixed emotions I am now at the end of the challenge. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Kairen from for taking the initiative and organising the challenge.

Day 30: What does crafting mean to you OR Craft something that has an age theme

Well without being too overdramatic and sentimental here, crafting is almost what I live for and it is when I craft I am having some of the happiest times in my life. Crafting is my relief when the world is cruel, tough or boring. It is my relaxation when I need to switch off or forget about the stresses of work or life. Crafting is my retreat. When I craft I go into my own little bobble where nothing else exist, I forget about everyone and everything around me and it is indeed a very happy universe for me. Wow, that almost made crafting sound like a drug - and I guess for me it is like a drug and it gives me a high. Yet it is so much more healthy - even if not on the bank balance! 

The age theme is going to be on a card as very conveniently my mum asked me to make a card fir a friends 90th birthday:

Thank you all for your lovely cooments on my blog along the way. I hope all your dreams and wishes come true!

Saturday 29 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 29

                                              Craft blog every day June

Day 29: If you could start your crafting life all over again what would you differently OR Craft something that has a beach theme

This is a really good and interesting question. Hindsight is such a good - but very annoying thing! I would definitely decide not to buy some of the items I have bought in the past - such as Fiskars Shapeboss (it was so cool at the time.....honestly - it was!), lots of papers and probably lots and lots of other gimmicky items I have blissbully forgotten about right now.

I would teach myself digital design early on and save a lot of money buying stuff from other people. I would learn to colour in really with with alcohol pens. I would attend more classes, workshops and retreats (if I could afford them) as they are great fun and you meet so many nice people. Just a shame many of them are very expensive so it is difficult to justify the cost when often you go on your own without a partner.

Now a card with a beach theme. The image is fom Sassy Cheryl:

Hope you are enjoying your evening?

Friday 28 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 28

                                           Craft blog every day June

Hey everyone! Only 3 days to go on the challenge and we are still going strong!

Day 28: If you had 3 wishes what would they be OR Craft something Craft something to celebrate a new home

Well, those 3 wishes below may not necessarily be my all-time, or too much thought through wishes, so with the risk of being a bit frivilous with them here goes:

1. I started my blog just round about the time of the start of this challenge - and it was the challenge which really got me started - and have kept me on my toes. So my first wish would be that I can keep up the blogging and not stop just because the challenge stops. I may not keep up the every day blogging, but at least a few times a week. I would also like to start participating in card challenges out there in cyber-land in order to push myself creatively - and that would be something for me to blog with.

2. The second wish would be for my mum to be able to sell her house. My father died 5 years ago and my mum decided last year to try and sell our family home. It has been on the market for over a year now - as the market has just been completely dead. Unfortunately her house is just one of many houses on the market with nothing shifting. So perhaps my wish should be for the whole housing market to improve - but that is such a huge ask - so just let my mum be able to move on with the next chapter in her life.

3. The third wish would be to open my own business with something crafty. Not yet sure what it would be - but watch this space - it may happen one day. My only fear is that something I hold so dear as a hobby, and which provides me with a huge relief and relaxation from the everyday stresses, would not be so dear to me if it was my full-time procession. Would I enjoy it just as much if I suddenly had to work to deadlines and profit margins. Would I even have time to craft just for the enjoyment, or would it all suddenly just become work? Well, I guess there is only one way to find out!

So that is me for today. I will craft a card with a New Home theme over the weekend (or at least have the best intention to do so) but not today as I am off out with some girlfriends tonight whom I haven't seen for a long time.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday 27 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 27

                                           Craft blog every day June

Reading all the blogs yesterday and our comments, I agree that we are all probably ok-ish at colouring in and evem though we can strive for perfection, we should be happy with our work during that road to perfection. I will definitely try my best and take on that advise. Maybe that means I will colour more often, and in that process I will become better!

Day 27: 3 of your best ever projects OR Craft something that’s all white
3 of my best craft projects? Well, I won a Joanna Sheen competition once with a card similar to the one I posted the other day with the chocolates in it - so I guess that goes on the list. To be honest though I liked my Christmas cards with the same design but different motifs much better. My number two might be a card I made with a 3D champagne bottle for a golden wedding anniversary. It was beautifully decorated with flowers and personalised. I alsp made a matching box for it also decorated with flowers. I was pleased with how it turned out. My third could be a number of things, it could be cards, boxes, books, candles. Well, lets go with the candle I made for my nephew's girlfriend last Christmas. I got a photo of both of them and put it on a white candle, then decoated the bottom of the candle. She was really pleased with it. So thats it, folks!

Now onto todays white card. It's the first time I have made an all-white card (well except for the greeting as otherwise you wouldn't be able to read it!) but it is not the last time. It was fun to make an all-white card and challenging as I had to make texture instead of colour do the talking.

I embossed a sheet of white card with a Crafters Companion 8" embossing folder. I cut a little ribbon decoration - Memory die - and wrapped around a white ribbon before adding the embossed card to my card blank. I then die cut the birdcage and bird - both Marianne dies - and added them to the card.  I finished with the branch - also Memory die - where I added some punched flowers decorated with white flatbacked pearls. I finished with the greeting, the scallopped oval is a Spellbinder die and the round on top is a punch.

Think I will play with more white cards this weekend.....

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 26

                                               Craft blog every day June

Hayfever is getting the better of me again, so this is going to be a short-ish post and no card today.

Day 26: What do you wish you were good at OR Craft something that has a spring theme

Finally an easy question for me. The main thing right now for me would be digital design. As mentioned in an earlier post I have a strong desire to learn more about digital design. Maybe this coming year will be the year where I take the time to proceed in that direction.

I would also like to be better at colouring stamped or digi images. I am doing better than I was and practice definitely makes better. The year before last I went on a Lili of the Valley one day colouring course and it was so worth the money. With the right instruction, tips and ideas even I managed to get wonderful results. Problem is it takes time and since patience is not a virtue of mine, I cannot sit and colour one image for hours. So maybe I have to compromise a bit?

Hope you are all having a lovely evening?

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 25

                                           Craft blog every day June

Day 25: What advice would you give to a newbie crafter OR Craft something that has the colour orange on it

Not to start crafting! It is addictive, it will take over your life, it drains your free time and attempts to eat into other time too, it is expensive - and the more ou are sucked into crafting - the more types of craft you need to try - thereby multiplying the effects mentioned!!!! :-)

However, if you must! Then embrace it and you will have a lovely hobby for life, which you can take anywhere, do at any time and even if you should encounter health problems during your life. It's a wonderful hobby which can be done alone, with friends or with strangers even. Along the way you will meet a great bumch of people and many of them may end off becoming friends.

Om another practical and more serious note The other advise would be to invest in some good basic equipment such as scissors, mats etc etc. Try not to get sucked into buying every nice looking item, but instead "justify" the purchase before buying. How many times can ou use the item? Is it a gimmick or will it last longer? Is it really worth the money?

More than anything go off and enjoy!

Monday 24 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 24

                                           Craft blog every day June

Day 24: You’re crafting wish list OR Craft something that celebrates a birthday

My crafting wish list is always very long. I tend to separate it into two - one with "must have - cannot live without" items, and a second one for "would be nice to have" items. The first list is obviously the priority list and I probably end up buying most of the items on this list - although the longer I have crafted this list is becoming shorter as I amy already have a similar product or I realise it isn't so important. 

I only buy from the 2nd list after a few months normally. By that time many items are deleted from the list as I find I don't really need them, or I no longer want them. 

Now on my list at the moment I have nothing on my "must have" list as I bought a set of Spellbinder dies which was on that list this month. My 2nd list containes some Marianne dies, and possibly the Tonic cracker die which was shown on Create and Craft on Friday I think it was. I am not sure I need the cracker die - but it did look smart - so it will be on the list for a while letting me consider it.

Now I am not sure I dare read your wish-lists today as there is probably a danger that I might discover items to add to my list!!!!

Now for the birthday card:

As you can see it is not a new card - but I really like it so I decided to show it on my blog today.

Sunday 23 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 23

                                            Craft blog every day June

Did you all have a nice weekend - I hope so!

Day 23: Tell us about something you’re struggling with OR Craft something to give to an Auntie

Oh, my, those questions are difficult - there are nearly always multiple answers. There are lots of things I struggle with. I domn't like to receive compliments - I find it ackward. As I get older I have gradually got better at it, but I still don't really like it. I find it difficult to manage my time, so I have enough hours in the day - or maybe it is just that I want to do too many things? Patience is another one - I get bored easily. Oh, I could go on and on I think - but instead I will show you a card/gift I could send to my Auntie at Christmas.

Well, nearly done with the challenge now, just another week to go. I thing I will miss it a bit when it stops....

Saturday 22 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 22

                                                Craft blog every day June

Day 22: Which crafting season is your favourite and why OR Craft something that has silver on it

I LOVE to craft for Christmas. I like when the days get darker (yes, I know that is weird) and I like all the things we do at Christmas time. All the decorations and preparations are the best part of Christmas for me. Each year I try to do some new decorations for the house, I make loads of Christmas cards. I tend to do a craft stall in late October selling cards and other projects I have made and I enjoy all of it.

Apart from doing my own stuff I also enjoy the Christmas season for crafting because of all the Craft Shows and other events with homemade items which happen in the pre-Christmas months. I adore going and browsing the non-craft items such as the foodstuff, flowers (although some may include that in craft) etc etc. I think when we crafters go to those shows we appreciate the time, effort and skill of the items made and are prepared to pay a bit more than on a shop bought item. Sometimes at those places I find it frustrating that some people will look at an item think it is nice, but say I can buy that much cheaper at the supermarket. Just my little rant - sorry!

I managed to make a card with silver on it today - here is is:

Friday 21 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 21

                                             Craft blog every day June

Day 21: Describe your perfect afternoon OR Craft something that has an animal theme

My perfect afternoon at the moment would be to sit on the settee with my two cats and have nice cuddles and hear them purr. I could even sit and just watch them sleep - that gives me immense pleasure too. Otherwise if it doesn't involve cats a perfect afternoon could be lunch and drinks in a pub - maybe sitting outside in the sun with cold drinks and good conversation all afternoon. Oh, but I also love an afternoon in my craftroom - which happens far too seldom!

So now I can show ragdoll photos again?

First a photo of Alberta and Michigan, Alberta is on the right. They both love our bathroom and the shower is one of their favorite places - strange, right? Sadly we lost Alberta in March which is why we got got the kitten Utah now.

And here is a new photo of Utah. He is so cuddly and adorable that hours and afternoons just slip away in the company of him and Michigan.

Well, the weekend has started - and Boy do we need it. Have a good one!

Thursday 20 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 20

                                              Craft blog every day June
Day 20: If you had to be a colour what colour would you be and why OR Craft something in monochrome

For those of you who have got used to my daily blog - apologies for not blogging yesterday. It was a manic day for me. I was out and about all day at different meetings and didn't get home until 00.45 this morning. Crazy.

So monochrome card will follow - plan to do some crafting this weekend. Need to relax and enjoy it. Now the more difficult task of deciding what colour I would be and why? It is so difficult to choose as I love colours. For many many years pink was my favorite and I had so much pink clothes that I eventually decided not to buy pink clothes for a full year. Then about 2-3 years ago I went to House of Colour and did a colour test - where they they you what colours suit you best. Guess what - I am winter and one of the best colours for me is pink. So there was a reason why I was drawn to pink.

So I guess the colour I choose may be pink - but I also really like a deep purple at the moment. So can I have two colours, please? The pink because it brings me in such a good mood when I put it on. If I have a bad day it will be made better if I dress in pink as I find the colour uplifting - and if I am already in a good mood (most days) then it will just be enhanced by dressing in pink.

Sometimes my work calls for being a bit more subdued with my clothes and that is where I have found that the deep purple is great. I don't always want to wear black in the corporate world and I find that purple gives me a bit of my identity without rocking the boat too much!

So there you go. Catching up. Now off to see what I should be blogging about today.


Wednesday 19 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 19

                                                  Craft blog every day June

Wasn't it supposed to be nice and sunny yesterday? - and then today? Well, where I am it looks very dull out there, so it doesn't feel like the 19 degrees the car display is telling me. Wonder if the sun will be able to burn through today? Maybe my big attack of hayfever this morning is an indication it will be warm? Let's hope so. 

Now for Day 19 our challenge is:

Day 19: A snap shot of your day. Can be words, words and picture or just a picture OR Craft something that has a lacy theme

So I am going with the lacy theme.  The colours in the photo are not quite the actual colours of the card - not sure what happened.

Anyway the card is made with another Kraftyhands CD - this time the Chic Boutique. I decoupaged the shop front. Added the die cut behind the sentiment and some flatbacked pearls otherwise everything is from the CD. Hope ou can see the lace behind the pearls. Is it cheating that the lace is not real? 

Hope you all have a nice sunny day!

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 18

                                           Craft blog every day June
Day 18: Crafting muck ups, tell us how you got round them OR Craft something that dots

Oh, where do I start - or where do I finish? Often a really bad muck up has ended up being something completely different in the end. I often add a finger print to a white card - did it last night too. So then I have to somehow add another embellishment to cover it up, change the design, or if all else fails recover what I can and throw the rest away. When I colour with my Promakers or Copics I may accidentially go outside the lines, so the clear pen is a good friend of mine as it helps erase those little mistakes. I love the fun effects you can get with spritzers. I like to spritz rhe paper and crumble it up and spritz again - maybe finishing with some embossing. Only problem is I sometimes forget that I may have a meeting the next day and my hands looks awful. I have found that my shampoo is one of the best remedies to get rid of the excess colour of any ink stain. I am sure I have many more things I could add, but I will stop here and show ou my ard for today:

My card has a dotted embossed background - big dots. The decoupage bears are from Crafters Companion. The sentiment is made my me.

Have a good day!

Monday 17 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 17

                                              Craft blog every day June
Day 17: Tell us how to do something, can be a craft technique that’s as old as the hills but your take on it OR Craft something that has the colour red in it

Runningout of time today, so I won't have time to go for the double, and I have found a previously made card to fit the challenge of having the colour red in it.

I made this card on of of our girlie caed weekends.

Card recipe:
Image - got this stamped emossed image from one of my friends so not sure where it is from. It is coloured with Promarkers.
Die: Sizzix Happy Birthday die and ovals are Spellbinders. Corners are Sizzix I think, and I made some white stitches on them.

Sort post today, hopefully I will be more "talkative" tomorrow.

Sunday 16 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 16


                                             Craft blog every day June

Day 16 - we are now officially on the downhill part of this challenge. Today our challenge is:

Day 16: When you’re not crafting what do you do OR Craft something that celebrates marriage

When I am not crafting - I spend a lot of my time at work. I would love to make crafting my full-time job, but at the same time I wonder if it was my full-time job would I enjoy it as much as I do now? When I am not working, I do like to spend time with my two ragdoll cats. Oh, can I sneak in another kitten photo here? look away or jump a few paragraphs if you don't like cats!

Here is a very tired Utah yesterday - but in case you want to see him awake - here is another one:

Well almost awake....

As you can imagine at the moment a lot of my free time is spent with the cats. We do a lot of playing, chilling and grooming. Ragdoll cats are very sociable cats so they are always where we are.

Right, now to todays card. I am not very good at doing wedding cards. I am not sure why, but I rarely like the finished result. I bought a Cheery Lynn wedding die to try to make it easier, but I just cannot get it to cut properly today either. So I had to rely on one of my decoupage images again - not sure where it is from as I had it cut out already.

The card is made using airforce blue, light slightly marbled grey and white card, I used a Marianne die for the background and attached with a bow and a charm. The word "bryllup" is wedding in Danish.

Hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to tackle the coming week.

Saturday 15 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 15

                                             Craft blog every day June

We are half way through the challenge and it's still fun, so bring on the other half. Todays challenge is:

Day 15: A day in your crafting life. Can be just words, words and pictures or just pictures OR Craft something that celebrates love

Sadly a day in my crafting life is very limited crafting as I have a full-time job. So if I was describing a day it should probably be one spent with friends specifically for crafting. We tend to choose a theme (e.g. Christmas, Easter, Summer etc etc), a medium (could be H2O's, pan pastels, spritzers etc), a new product (could be some new stamps, dies, embossing folders) or a free for all prior to the day and then we all bring our craft items for this particular task.

It is great fun as it enables us to bounce ideas off each other. If for example we all have the same die cut shape or stamped image, it is fun to see how many different ways we can use it - and often when we inspire each other new ideas tend to emerge as well. 

Sometimes we may also decide that the task is e.g. 3D items. So we may create boxes, birdhouses, wreaths or other interesting items. One year we did some really cute little birdhouses for the Cristmas table decoration.

We tend to start around lunchtime and we often work until after midnight as we loose track of time. I think our longest session lastest until about 4-5 am once. We obviously stop for a bit to eat every now and again, have endless cups of tea and some cake or biscuits may be consumed too! Great fun.

My card for todays challenge comes from one of Fee J Designs CD with love bugs. The only thing used on the card is a heart die cut shape.

Can't wait to get some good ideas from the other blogs. 

Friday 14 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 14

                                             Craft blog every day June

First of all thank you for your comments over the past two weeks to all of you. It is quite nice to know someone is reading all the bla bla bla I put down, even if it is just talk. 

So nearly half-way and amazingly still going strong! Today is Day 14 and the challenge is:

Day 14: Name your favourite smell, taste, view, sound and texture OR Craft something that has a music theme

So today has just flown by, and I haven't made my card yet. I know what I want to make, so I may make the card and post it tomorrow.

However the wordy challenge set today is quite a challenge I think, but here goes:

SMELL: Have lots of those, Ireally like the smell of the sea, the smell just after rain, newly cut grass, walking past a doughnut maker, BBQ - oh, I could go on, there are lots of foodie smells I could add here!
TASTE: Again, think I could say a lot here too. However, I love almost any spicy food (very spicy, please), and I LOVE ice cream too.
VIEW: oh, I cannot pick just one here. There are so many places in nature I like, and many places in cities too. I am a big fan of Paris and the Eiffel Tower lit up at night is just so beautiful. However, many sights in London are stunning too - as are many, many other places. i am blessed to have travelled a lot, and those memories from amazing places will stay with me forever.
SOUND: Music? I like many different kinds of music, but for chilling I like relaxing music. Other sounds which are good too are my little furballs puurring - that relaxes me too.
TEXTURE:  No doubt about this one - the fur of my cats. They are so, so soft and especially when they have had their daily brushing they are just lush to feel.

Well, this is another task where I will undoubtedly come back, read it and say, oops I forgot........

Wonder what the rest of you have put on your lists, so off to browse now. Enjoy your weekend all!

Thursday 13 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 13

                                             Craft blog every day June
Day two of kittenville. Utah and the rest of us had a relatively quiet night. He woke up around 3 am and needed comforting, but after that he slept fine until we got up. He already knows where to find his food and littertray. It's amazing how quickly they figure that out. He is a little darling so far - may it stay that way.

Day 13 and todays challenge is:

Day 13: What do you want to learn to do? Can be crafty or non-crafty OR Craft something that has stripes

There are lots of things I would love to learn. One is graphic design. I would love to be able to make my own backing papers, decopage sheets and defintely those round lined sentiments you see on a lot of cards - or any other shape of sentiment for that matter. I have been looking for courses in graphic design, but not really sure where to start and what everything means. They all seem to be geared more to photographs. If I could go on a few weekend courses to learn the basics it would be lovely. 

The other one at the moment is cake decorating - I think it looks a lot of fun. I would love to have a play with all the moulds, icing, colours, dust, cutters, etc etc. However it seems like a big investment and I am really not sure how much I would be using it all in the long run? Do any of you do cake decorating? How did you start off? Which are the must have start items?

No card from me today - wasn't quite ready to share my craftroom with a kitten....

Look forward to see what you have all prepared today!

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 12

                                             Craft blog every day June

Ok, so day 12 is here. 

Day 12: What’s your favourite medium to work with OR Craft something with a sporty theme

Today has been a very special day. We picked up our new kitten, Utah, today. Isn't he adorable? (Even if I say so myself!!!!). Sadly his older sister, Michigan, is not quite so taken with him yet! She thinks if she ignores him for long enough he might just be a bad nightmare and go away. Well this sort of thing normally takes a while, and I am sure she will appreciate her new playmate soon. We had another cat who died suddenly in March and Michigan wasn't herself for a long time, so we knew we needed to get her a new companion. Wish me luck!

So no long writing about mediums today - although I could add it is probaly H2O's as I love colouring with them and like the sparkle they have as a finished result.

Below my sporty card for the day: 

Back to the kitten - wonder if we will get any sleep tonight......any of us???? LOL

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 11

                                               Craft blog every day June

Day 11 and our challenge is:

Day 11: Dish the dirt on your biggest craft spend OR Craft something for a child recpient

Oh, dear! As it isn't enough I have to tell my partner!!! Well, my biggest single purchase is probably my Cricut. However, I know that us crafters always have our excuses, so you are going yo hear mine too... I was about to go to our US office for a meeting, so I got mine at a bargain price from a US retailer and had it shipped to a colleague of mine in Our US office. I brought an extra suitcase on my trip and brought it come myself. - oh and since it was a bargain - I could fill the suitcase with other goodies for the money I had saved on the Cricut. That is how it works isn't it???

Now today is a double for me again and here is a card for my niece:
I love this girl, and my niece can at her worst look llike the girl on this stamp!

Card ingredients:
Stamp: I am sure it's called Little Miss Attitude and that is is from FunkyKits. However it must have been discontinued as although it is on my account profile I cannot find it on their website for sale.
Paper:  Docrafts Papermania pad.
Sentiment: Gingers House - one of the funniest blogs to read - and great freebie sentiments which make me laugh.
Dies/punches: Spellbinder die and punches for leaves and flowers.
Other: flatbak pearls and ribbon from stash.

Off to see if the rest of ou have owned up to buying some stuff I need...........

Monday 10 June 2013

Blogging Everyday in June - DAY 10

                                               Craft blog every day June

I cannot quite believe we are a third into the challenge already and I am still going strong. I really enjoy the challenges and find they inspire me to try new things too.

Today challenge - Day 10 - is:

Day 10: Have a rant; go on get it off your chest OR Craft something that has the colour purple in it

I could have a rant about hayfever today as I have been struggling with it for the past couple of weeks. I know if I rant about hayfever I won't be on my own. So annoying to wake up with a feverish headache every morning, sneezing runny nose and sore throat. It seems to dissappear a little in the afternoon and then late hold again early evening. How many more weeks???? Aarrgghh!!!!

So instead of that rant - LOL - I have made something with purple in it:

I cut two pieces of purple card with this square scallopped hole Spellbinder die and put them to one side. Then I cut another two pieces of square purple card 14 cm x 14 cm. I scored both squares on the Crafters Companion box maker using the 1 inch groove. That means the box when assembled is roughly 9 cm x 9 cm and fits neatly into the die cuts. 

The box is decorated with a Lili of the Valley die cut image mounted with foam pads. The corners are decorated with a few gems, perls, ribbon and charm from my stash.

Off to see what the rest of you have made today!

Sunday 9 June 2013

Blogging Everyday in June - DAY 9

                                     Craft blog every day June

Challege for day 9 is:

9: Tell us who your favourite crafter, doesn’t have to be anyone famous , just sing their praises OR Craft something for a male recipient

I think I am coming down with a cold as I have been feeling lousy all day. Therefore just a quick card for todays post.

The image on the card is from Debbi Moore's Sportz Starz CD. It is always a handy CD to go to for an image for a male card. I choose one of the decoupage sheets on the CD as I relax while I cut out and stick together the image. I don't know anyone who fishes, so this is for the stockpile.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Saturday 8 June 2013

Blogging Everyday in June - DAY 8

                                     Craft blog every day June
I am "busy" watching the Swedish Royal wedding of Princess Madelaine on my Ipad so this post is going to be brief. Day 8 challenge is:

8: Take a picture of or describe your craft space OR Craft something that has a Christmas theme

Now since I have a "proper" craft room - meaning it is one big (dis)organised mess, I am too ashamed to take a photo of it and post on here, so the Christmas theme it is:

The image is a decopage sheet from CraftsUPrint.

Now I am always late with some of my Christmas cards so I found this digi stamp - which translated says - sorry I am late - so that is for all the cards which can be sent in January!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend - now back to my wedding - they must be done with the family photos by now...

Friday 7 June 2013

Blogging Everyday in June - DAY 7

                                     Craft blog every day June
Wow, suddenly Day 7 is upon us - how the first week has flown by. It's been fun and a great way to get m blog started off. Todays challenge is:

Day 7: Tell us ten things that make you happy OR Craft something that has a food theme

Being a "glass always half full" girl it doesn't take a lot to make me happy and the simplest of things make me grateful for my life. The usuals such as Family & friends apply to me too of course. My cats  are very special (we get a new kitten on Wednesday which will make me very happy!) and theymake me happy every day. Crafting makes me happy all the time and if I should occasionally have a bit of an off-day then crafting always helps. Let's see that was 4 of 10 - smiles, travelling, a nice workout, good food   (Oh yes, I really like a nice meal), My duvet & sleep - love snuggling under my duvet and it makes me very happy that I almost always manage a good sleep. Finally I guess I should add nature which often makes me smile and feel happy to be around. Well, I am sure as I publish this post or read other posts I will remember other things - perhaps evev more important things in my life!

Todays card with a food theme has a digital image from Sassy Sheryl. She just draws the cutest images around and you may see more as the month progresses:

You may see some more food-themed cards later as I have just got some new dies I need to try out.

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday 6 June 2013

Blogging Everyday in June - DAY 6

                                     Craft blog every day June

DAY 6 challenge:

Day 6: Tell us how you/where you get your inspiration OR Craft something with an autumn theme

My inspiration comes from many places. I love to read blogs and follow some people on Pininterest too - just reading and looking is often enough to satisfy my crafty desires - I don't even have to re-create anything! Also like to get together with crafty friends to play - and that definitely kick-starts the creativity and ideas (sadly I moved 3 years ago and my don't see my friends as often as I used to). I read magazines, browse shops or go to craft shows as well. Apart from all this I sometimes see a pattern, design, an item or something else when I am out and about and that may trigger the magination. I am forever taking photos and making notes about things which inspire me - some actually make it to my craft table, many don't, but I still enjoy the planning.

No time for a card today, but I have a few ideas for autumn themed cards, so I may post some over the weekend. 

Hope you have all had a fun day!