Thursday 6 June 2013

Blogging Everyday in June - DAY 6

                                     Craft blog every day June

DAY 6 challenge:

Day 6: Tell us how you/where you get your inspiration OR Craft something with an autumn theme

My inspiration comes from many places. I love to read blogs and follow some people on Pininterest too - just reading and looking is often enough to satisfy my crafty desires - I don't even have to re-create anything! Also like to get together with crafty friends to play - and that definitely kick-starts the creativity and ideas (sadly I moved 3 years ago and my don't see my friends as often as I used to). I read magazines, browse shops or go to craft shows as well. Apart from all this I sometimes see a pattern, design, an item or something else when I am out and about and that may trigger the magination. I am forever taking photos and making notes about things which inspire me - some actually make it to my craft table, many don't, but I still enjoy the planning.

No time for a card today, but I have a few ideas for autumn themed cards, so I may post some over the weekend. 

Hope you have all had a fun day!


  1. Thank heavens for the internet as I like you don't have any close crafting friends. My mums crafts and we sometimes manage to get to together

  2. I'm the same, a bit of a lone crafter......thank goodness for Blogland! xx

  3. Loving blogs right now for inspiration - luckily the crafting community helps with inspiration and bringing lone crafters together!

    Mel xx