Saturday, 15 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 15

                                             Craft blog every day June

We are half way through the challenge and it's still fun, so bring on the other half. Todays challenge is:

Day 15: A day in your crafting life. Can be just words, words and pictures or just pictures OR Craft something that celebrates love

Sadly a day in my crafting life is very limited crafting as I have a full-time job. So if I was describing a day it should probably be one spent with friends specifically for crafting. We tend to choose a theme (e.g. Christmas, Easter, Summer etc etc), a medium (could be H2O's, pan pastels, spritzers etc), a new product (could be some new stamps, dies, embossing folders) or a free for all prior to the day and then we all bring our craft items for this particular task.

It is great fun as it enables us to bounce ideas off each other. If for example we all have the same die cut shape or stamped image, it is fun to see how many different ways we can use it - and often when we inspire each other new ideas tend to emerge as well. 

Sometimes we may also decide that the task is e.g. 3D items. So we may create boxes, birdhouses, wreaths or other interesting items. One year we did some really cute little birdhouses for the Cristmas table decoration.

We tend to start around lunchtime and we often work until after midnight as we loose track of time. I think our longest session lastest until about 4-5 am once. We obviously stop for a bit to eat every now and again, have endless cups of tea and some cake or biscuits may be consumed too! Great fun.

My card for todays challenge comes from one of Fee J Designs CD with love bugs. The only thing used on the card is a heart die cut shape.

Can't wait to get some good ideas from the other blogs. 

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