Sunday 30 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 30

                                          Craft blog every day June

Today is a special day - it is the last day of the "Blogging every day in June" challenge. Now I am very proud to have managed to stick at it every day, but it has been a lot of fun, and having a challenge every day has certainly helped to keep the blog flowing. So it is with mixed emotions I am now at the end of the challenge. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Kairen from for taking the initiative and organising the challenge.

Day 30: What does crafting mean to you OR Craft something that has an age theme

Well without being too overdramatic and sentimental here, crafting is almost what I live for and it is when I craft I am having some of the happiest times in my life. Crafting is my relief when the world is cruel, tough or boring. It is my relaxation when I need to switch off or forget about the stresses of work or life. Crafting is my retreat. When I craft I go into my own little bobble where nothing else exist, I forget about everyone and everything around me and it is indeed a very happy universe for me. Wow, that almost made crafting sound like a drug - and I guess for me it is like a drug and it gives me a high. Yet it is so much more healthy - even if not on the bank balance! 

The age theme is going to be on a card as very conveniently my mum asked me to make a card fir a friends 90th birthday:

Thank you all for your lovely cooments on my blog along the way. I hope all your dreams and wishes come true!

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  1. Gorgeous card Winnie and lovely post! I can't believe the month has gone so fast! I for one will be sad to do the last day as well! :( Keep up the great work! I will be keeping an eye for you! xx