Tuesday 25 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 25

                                           Craft blog every day June

Day 25: What advice would you give to a newbie crafter OR Craft something that has the colour orange on it

Not to start crafting! It is addictive, it will take over your life, it drains your free time and attempts to eat into other time too, it is expensive - and the more ou are sucked into crafting - the more types of craft you need to try - thereby multiplying the effects mentioned!!!! :-)

However, if you must! Then embrace it and you will have a lovely hobby for life, which you can take anywhere, do at any time and even if you should encounter health problems during your life. It's a wonderful hobby which can be done alone, with friends or with strangers even. Along the way you will meet a great bumch of people and many of them may end off becoming friends.

Om another practical and more serious note The other advise would be to invest in some good basic equipment such as scissors, mats etc etc. Try not to get sucked into buying every nice looking item, but instead "justify" the purchase before buying. How many times can ou use the item? Is it a gimmick or will it last longer? Is it really worth the money?

More than anything go off and enjoy!


  1. Great advice about crafting, Winnie! I agree with the investing in the basics! The amount of times I've had a dodgy pair of scissors and I couldn't even cut paper with it! :( xx

  2. good advice there and I totally agree with it taking over your life