Thursday 20 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 20

                                              Craft blog every day June
Day 20: If you had to be a colour what colour would you be and why OR Craft something in monochrome

For those of you who have got used to my daily blog - apologies for not blogging yesterday. It was a manic day for me. I was out and about all day at different meetings and didn't get home until 00.45 this morning. Crazy.

So monochrome card will follow - plan to do some crafting this weekend. Need to relax and enjoy it. Now the more difficult task of deciding what colour I would be and why? It is so difficult to choose as I love colours. For many many years pink was my favorite and I had so much pink clothes that I eventually decided not to buy pink clothes for a full year. Then about 2-3 years ago I went to House of Colour and did a colour test - where they they you what colours suit you best. Guess what - I am winter and one of the best colours for me is pink. So there was a reason why I was drawn to pink.

So I guess the colour I choose may be pink - but I also really like a deep purple at the moment. So can I have two colours, please? The pink because it brings me in such a good mood when I put it on. If I have a bad day it will be made better if I dress in pink as I find the colour uplifting - and if I am already in a good mood (most days) then it will just be enhanced by dressing in pink.

Sometimes my work calls for being a bit more subdued with my clothes and that is where I have found that the deep purple is great. I don't always want to wear black in the corporate world and I find that purple gives me a bit of my identity without rocking the boat too much!

So there you go. Catching up. Now off to see what I should be blogging about today.


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