Wednesday 26 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 26

                                               Craft blog every day June

Hayfever is getting the better of me again, so this is going to be a short-ish post and no card today.

Day 26: What do you wish you were good at OR Craft something that has a spring theme

Finally an easy question for me. The main thing right now for me would be digital design. As mentioned in an earlier post I have a strong desire to learn more about digital design. Maybe this coming year will be the year where I take the time to proceed in that direction.

I would also like to be better at colouring stamped or digi images. I am doing better than I was and practice definitely makes better. The year before last I went on a Lili of the Valley one day colouring course and it was so worth the money. With the right instruction, tips and ideas even I managed to get wonderful results. Problem is it takes time and since patience is not a virtue of mine, I cannot sit and colour one image for hours. So maybe I have to compromise a bit?

Hope you are all having a lovely evening?


  1. Me and my colouring need improving too, Winnie! I am like you - I just don't have the patience to colour them! I will try though! Definitely work on a compromise! Hope the digital design work is going well! :) xx

  2. There's definitely a theme going on with the colouring, isn't there? Daft thing is, our work is most probably fine....we're just too hard on ourselves!
    Jo xx

  3. Yes colouring definitely on a few lists, I know its on mine