Friday 14 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 14

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First of all thank you for your comments over the past two weeks to all of you. It is quite nice to know someone is reading all the bla bla bla I put down, even if it is just talk. 

So nearly half-way and amazingly still going strong! Today is Day 14 and the challenge is:

Day 14: Name your favourite smell, taste, view, sound and texture OR Craft something that has a music theme

So today has just flown by, and I haven't made my card yet. I know what I want to make, so I may make the card and post it tomorrow.

However the wordy challenge set today is quite a challenge I think, but here goes:

SMELL: Have lots of those, Ireally like the smell of the sea, the smell just after rain, newly cut grass, walking past a doughnut maker, BBQ - oh, I could go on, there are lots of foodie smells I could add here!
TASTE: Again, think I could say a lot here too. However, I love almost any spicy food (very spicy, please), and I LOVE ice cream too.
VIEW: oh, I cannot pick just one here. There are so many places in nature I like, and many places in cities too. I am a big fan of Paris and the Eiffel Tower lit up at night is just so beautiful. However, many sights in London are stunning too - as are many, many other places. i am blessed to have travelled a lot, and those memories from amazing places will stay with me forever.
SOUND: Music? I like many different kinds of music, but for chilling I like relaxing music. Other sounds which are good too are my little furballs puurring - that relaxes me too.
TEXTURE:  No doubt about this one - the fur of my cats. They are so, so soft and especially when they have had their daily brushing they are just lush to feel.

Well, this is another task where I will undoubtedly come back, read it and say, oops I forgot........

Wonder what the rest of you have put on your lists, so off to browse now. Enjoy your weekend all!

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  1. I have been reading everyone's lists and luckily I have written mine as it would be twice as long now. So many things should have added