Saturday 29 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 29

                                              Craft blog every day June

Day 29: If you could start your crafting life all over again what would you differently OR Craft something that has a beach theme

This is a really good and interesting question. Hindsight is such a good - but very annoying thing! I would definitely decide not to buy some of the items I have bought in the past - such as Fiskars Shapeboss (it was so cool at the time.....honestly - it was!), lots of papers and probably lots and lots of other gimmicky items I have blissbully forgotten about right now.

I would teach myself digital design early on and save a lot of money buying stuff from other people. I would learn to colour in really with with alcohol pens. I would attend more classes, workshops and retreats (if I could afford them) as they are great fun and you meet so many nice people. Just a shame many of them are very expensive so it is difficult to justify the cost when often you go on your own without a partner.

Now a card with a beach theme. The image is fom Sassy Cheryl:

Hope you are enjoying your evening?

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  1. Love the card Winnie! It's so cuuute! Love the image too! So sweet! xx