Saturday 22 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 22

                                                Craft blog every day June

Day 22: Which crafting season is your favourite and why OR Craft something that has silver on it

I LOVE to craft for Christmas. I like when the days get darker (yes, I know that is weird) and I like all the things we do at Christmas time. All the decorations and preparations are the best part of Christmas for me. Each year I try to do some new decorations for the house, I make loads of Christmas cards. I tend to do a craft stall in late October selling cards and other projects I have made and I enjoy all of it.

Apart from doing my own stuff I also enjoy the Christmas season for crafting because of all the Craft Shows and other events with homemade items which happen in the pre-Christmas months. I adore going and browsing the non-craft items such as the foodstuff, flowers (although some may include that in craft) etc etc. I think when we crafters go to those shows we appreciate the time, effort and skill of the items made and are prepared to pay a bit more than on a shop bought item. Sometimes at those places I find it frustrating that some people will look at an item think it is nice, but say I can buy that much cheaper at the supermarket. Just my little rant - sorry!

I managed to make a card with silver on it today - here is is:

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  1. oh I totally understand your rant on the 'can buy cheaper at supermarket' bit. I have just made the active step to stop selling my cards cos of it.