Sunday, 23 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 23

                                            Craft blog every day June

Did you all have a nice weekend - I hope so!

Day 23: Tell us about something you’re struggling with OR Craft something to give to an Auntie

Oh, my, those questions are difficult - there are nearly always multiple answers. There are lots of things I struggle with. I domn't like to receive compliments - I find it ackward. As I get older I have gradually got better at it, but I still don't really like it. I find it difficult to manage my time, so I have enough hours in the day - or maybe it is just that I want to do too many things? Patience is another one - I get bored easily. Oh, I could go on and on I think - but instead I will show you a card/gift I could send to my Auntie at Christmas.

Well, nearly done with the challenge now, just another week to go. I thing I will miss it a bit when it stops....


  1. Hey Winnie! Great card gift - its really lovely, the image is so sweet! I think me and you got some same struggles, esepcially with the time and the compliments - I can't take compliments either - I find it weird!

    I agree I will miss the blogging everyday challenge when it finishes! :(

    Mel xx

  2. Oh that's toffifee's too! xx

  3. what a clever gift idea. ( writes down for future reference). It will be strange not blogging every day and going round reading all your links ups