Monday 24 June 2013

Blogging Every Day in June - Day 24

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Day 24: You’re crafting wish list OR Craft something that celebrates a birthday

My crafting wish list is always very long. I tend to separate it into two - one with "must have - cannot live without" items, and a second one for "would be nice to have" items. The first list is obviously the priority list and I probably end up buying most of the items on this list - although the longer I have crafted this list is becoming shorter as I amy already have a similar product or I realise it isn't so important. 

I only buy from the 2nd list after a few months normally. By that time many items are deleted from the list as I find I don't really need them, or I no longer want them. 

Now on my list at the moment I have nothing on my "must have" list as I bought a set of Spellbinder dies which was on that list this month. My 2nd list containes some Marianne dies, and possibly the Tonic cracker die which was shown on Create and Craft on Friday I think it was. I am not sure I need the cracker die - but it did look smart - so it will be on the list for a while letting me consider it.

Now I am not sure I dare read your wish-lists today as there is probably a danger that I might discover items to add to my list!!!!

Now for the birthday card:

As you can see it is not a new card - but I really like it so I decided to show it on my blog today.

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